How Much Paint Do I Need?

How Much Paint Do I Need?

How Much Paint Do I Need?

How Much Paint Do I Need?

There are still many fans of painted walls, and this can be seen from the high sales of building wall colors. There is a wide range of building colors that each person uses one alone or combines two or more colors according to his personal taste.
In general, to paint the walls of a building, we need a certain amount of paint, and the formula for calculating the amount of paint for building painting is the subject of the discussion that we have discussed in this article. Because by using trial and error to get the amount of paint needed to paint the building, we will lose a lot of money and energy. Therefore, by knowing the calculation formula, we can easily determine the amount of paint needed and prepare it.

What factors affect the amount of color?

• Type of surface:

to calculate the amount of paint required, we must pay attention to the type of surface, for example, plaster walls that have no color, need more paint because they absorb the color, so in painting plaster surfaces, at least one They put a layer of paint on the surface so that we don’t need a lot of paint.

• Smoothness or unevenness of the surface:

If the surface is not smooth, or has many repaired spots, you need to apply a lighter color on top of the previous paint layer, in which case you need more than two layers of paint.

• Painting tools:

what kind of tools you use for painting also affects the amount of paint needed, for example, rollers waste less paint, but the amount of paint that comes out of the brush is more, but because You cannot use a roller to paint doors, windows, and the junctions of the walls, you have to use a brush.

Information needed to calculate the amount of paint for building painting:

1. Color type
2. Length and width of the walls
3. Length and width of windows
4. Length and width of doors
5. Length and width of the roof

The formula for calculating

• First, calculate the area of all the walls to be painted and add them together.
Note: Considering that cornices, doors and windows are usually painted with a different color, they should not be counted in summing up the area of the walls.
An important thing to note is that prefabricated walls or walls that are made of ketch and are going to be painted for the first time, need more paint.
Now that you have obtained the total area, divide it by 30 square meters.
The obtained number expresses the amount of your paint in terms of gallons. For example, if the number obtained is 5, you need 5 gallons of paint.
• If you need to put two or three layers of paint on top of each other to achieve the desired color, the required amount of paint will be doubled or tripled.

How to calculate the size of the staircase

How to calculate the size of the staircase for painting is just like how to calculate the color of the wall. For this step, you need to calculate the square meter of the staircase wall and subtract the square meter of the windows from it. Of course, according to the material of the wall and the degree of dirtiness of the staircase, it is necessary to apply the required number of paint layers in your calculations.


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