interior painters melbourne

interior painters melbourne

interior painters melbourne

interior painters melbourne

Interior paint is made to cover the interior of your home. It is not as durable as exterior paint, but it can withstand washing, although not consistently. Although it is not waterproof and will not withstand the weather.
Because this material is intended for indoor use. Interior paint has low VOC and other harmful chemicals. To avoid harsh chemicals, interior paints use organic pigments for color. When exposed to direct sunlight, those organic pigments fade very quickly. They are also more prone to cracking and peeling.
What is the difference between interior and exterior paint?
Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to look at the differences between these two main types of paint. Both of these colors change any surface you apply them to. But that’s where the similarities end.

Type of consumable resin

The resin determines how well the paint will stick to the surface. Acrylic is used as resin in exterior paints. This resin has an extremely strong bond and will last the longest. But acrylic can have a pungent smell. So interior paints stick to epoxy and silicone instead.
Building painting colors
Construction paints are divided into two categories: washable paints and non-washable paints, which include oil or acrylic paints and non-washable paints include plastic paints. For painting inside the building, it is suitable to use plastic paint for the ceiling and use acrylic or oil paints for walls, doors and frames.
It should be noted that other options such as Belka, Kinitex or Multi-Color are suitable for parking lots, staircases and public areas and are not very useful inside the building.

Lining color:

The success of the final finish in any coating color depends on the preparation of the wall or objects for the paint. In fact, foundation is much more important than painting. Adding a few drops of paint to the primer helps to cover it better. Also, primer is necessary in case of color change. Primer can be used on all uncoated surfaces, wallpaper, repairs, prefabricated panels, places where stains occur, work on existing paint. which is based on oil paint and is also used when the color changes suddenly.

Latex or acrylic paint:

Latex paints are soluble in water and are easy to clean and dry faster than oil paints and emit less gas during drying, thus speeding up the work process. This paint has more elasticity than oil paints and is more resistant to surface cracks.

Alkyd or oil paint:

These paints have a high resistance to wear and tear and dry slower than latex paints, they usually create a smoother layer without brush or roller marks after the final finish.

Glaze color:

After drying, the enamel paints become a hard and resistant layer, and they need a waterproof coating when used on walls and surfaces.

Plastic paint:

This paint is one of the oldest types of paint and is available in the market with different qualities, but due to the high concentration of paint, it does not spread well on the surface and leaves the effect of a brush or roller after drying. In general, this color is suitable for covering the roof.

Polished color:

Varnishes with different levels of transparency adjust the level of visibility of the underlayer.

Building painter’s recommendations to choose the most suitable color

When choosing a color for painting the interior of your building or workplace, consider parameters and then choose the best and most suitable color according to them. For painting houses, the color of doors, windows or curtains is often looked at. The painting of the building should match the decoration of the house. The most important parameter in choosing the type of color is the condition of the place. For example, if the desired place is exposed to sunlight, plastic paint should not be used because it changes color quickly.
The type of lamps in the house also affects the choice of color, for example, if you have used fluorescent lamps for home lighting, considering that these types of lamps have green light, the color and type should be chosen according to this name, or Even halogen and filament lamps that produce yellow light make pale colors appear more imperceptible.

Color type for spaces that are not sunny

Pay attention to the use of colors that reflect the light for spaces that are not sunny, because it increases the brightness of these parts. You can use warm colors in the northern units, and from yellow artificial lights, the use of lights that have opaque shades of light will differentiate the space by creating contradictions.

You can use light colors to make the ceiling appear taller, because dark colors make the ceiling appear shorter and the walls appear longer, so in spaces that are narrow and long, light colors should be used, and by no means Do not use dark colors in these spaces.

Knowing the mood of colors to choose the best color for building painting

Among the colors, blue color has a cool temperament, which is known as the color of peace. Blue color causes peaceful radiation and because of the peace it gives, it is sleepy, and turquoise blue color is also a symbol of victory for Iranians.
Yellow color has a warm and dry temperament, this color is a sign of great tact, love, intelligence and understanding.
Purple has a moderate temperament with a tendency to coldness, this color is a combination of red and blue, which is jam red

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