Building patina

building patina

Building patina

Building patina, building patina, the art of patina is one of the techniques that can be used to save the walls from being monotonous and repetitive.
This art has a high diversity that is done according to the taste and skills of the performer.
Patina works on the walls and ceilings of houses and buildings are divided into two types of prominent patina and non-prominent patina, each of which has its own effect and variety.
Building patina work can be presented in two types, simple and textured.
Embossed patinas are made with special patina pastes, which can be used in different designs and models
The use of patina pastes has implemented construction work and given a beautiful and luxurious look to the living environment.

What is patina work?

Patina work is one of the methods that can be considered as an alternative to painting and enjoy its enchanting charm. The living space and the working space should be mixed with designs and roles that are liked and create a lovely feeling.
Patina is one of the methods that can be used to create a design on the ceiling and wall and give them a different look. The literal meaning of patina refers to rust and aging and is known as the art of aging among architects.
Patina refers to a style of painting that gives the work a colored, indented and aged state. Today, with the advancement of architectural science and the invention of new styles and new materials, modern effects have been added to the patina color collection, which gives it a decorative look.

What kind of putty is special for patina work?

The putty used for patination is oily and the resin in it has increased the quality of this product.


What places is patina used for?

The use of these services is used almost everywhere due to its wide variety. Nowadays, most of those who are involved in any kind of renovation or interior design and decoration change go to these services. Building patina, work on wall plaster, ceiling plaster, on MDF, on glass, on wood and even on sofa are among the wide applications of this specialized art. In general, due to the ability to perform this work on all surfaces and also due to the possibility of implementing a variety of personal and non-repetitive ideas in simple patina work, the range of applications of this art has expanded greatly.

Advantages of patination

Among the advantages of patina work on the wall and roof of the building, the following can be mentioned:
Patina is more durable than oil and chalk paints
The variety of models is significant compared to other wallpaper colors and designs
We spend affordable money for the beauty of the environment and its restoration
Patina can be applied on all different surfaces, even curved surfaces
Washable (of course, due attention should be paid to acrylic patina because water is the solvent of acrylic paint)
Implementation or application of patina in the shortest time on the walls and even the ceiling

Types of patina work

Patina art is very diverse and wide and is used to decorate different surfaces. Patina work can be applied in all kinds of gilding patina, silver leaf, angel design, cloud and wind, embossed and non-embossed, textured and non-textured, ceiling and wall plating, wood design, aged work, etc.
There are different methods for applying patina, which we will explain each of these methods below:

Patina work with sponge

This method is one of the easiest methods that everyone can do. To do that, the surface must be painted first. Then he created a design with a clean sponge dipped in paint with stroke mode.

Patina work with ornamental sheet

In this method, after cleaning the surface and covering it with acrylic paint, the decorative sheet adhesive is diluted with water and applied to the surface with a brush or sponge.

Fabric patina work

This method requires more time to implement than the method of using a sponge.

Styles of patina work on the walls and ceilings of houses

Classic patina work

Performing patina and patina work, using this old art of making new accessories look like one of the most popular among people who prefer antique and classic decor to new decor.

One of the techniques of this art is to make new and new appliances look old; This type of art can be used to make most of the home accessories and objects antique; Shapan Kari oil can be used to smooth the surfaces of wooden, ceramic and even parts of wall paper to draw the designs of this specialty.

In the classic style, heavy and classic colors are used, such as court blue, which subsequently requires a lot of time and money.

This art in this case easily; It has provided you with the possibility of changing and harmonizing home accessories and decorations.


Modern patina work

modern patina; By combining all kinds of new designs with simple patina and patina work methods and their application in home decoration, it has a great impact and has many fans. In more modern types, cloud, wind and sky cover or angel design is used as a cover pattern, or wood design or silver cover can be implemented on the surface using painting techniques. This specialization can be implemented on any level; From plastered, painted and wallpapered walls to wooden surfaces of household items or columns.

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