Residential painting in melbourne

Residential painting in melbourne

Residential painting in melbourne is one of the low-cost solutions for changing the decoration and changing the color of the walls of the surfaces of a space. Residential paint and painting can eliminate wall damage such as nail spots and wall spills, and also fundamentally change the atmosphere of the house. A change in the color of the surrounding environment causes a change in human mood; Therefore, changing the color and painting of the building should be done with caution. If the building painting service is not done properly, it will cause the paint to fade and the wall to become wavy. As a result, since the choice of color and surface painting operations is a specialized matter, it should be left to professionals.

Types of building paint

Building paint has many types, each of which has a unique application. Types of paint include plastic, acrylic, oil, multi-color, black, metallic, epoxy, etc.; But the most widely used colors in building painting services, especially houses, are plastic paint, acrylic paint, and oil paint. In the following, we will examine more commonly used construction colors.

plastical paint

This type of paint is one of the most widely used paints in the field of building painting services, especially painting residential houses. This type of paint is odorless and dries quickly. It is difficult to clean this color; Because its solvent is water, and if it comes into contact with water, it will deteriorate. Applying plastic paint is a bit difficult and requires the expertise of skilled and experienced personnel.

  • It has no smell
  • dries quickly
  • It is resistant
  • It is difficult to implement
  • It is difficult to clean

Acrylic paint

Acrylic paint is also one of the most widely used paints in the field of building painting, which has many advantages. This paint is odorless and dries quickly. Washability is the most important feature of this type of paint that distinguishes it. This type of color is easier to apply than other colors; But its price is higher than other colors. This color has matte, glossy and semi-gloss varieties.

• Does not smell or has a little smell
• dries quickly
• It is washable
• It is easy to implement
• The skin peels off
• changes color

Oil paint

Oil paint is also one of the widely used paints that painters are very interested in. Oil paint is easy to apply and its price is reasonable. This type of paint is completely washable and its solvent is not water. The smell of this color is very strong and it dries slowly. Oil paint also includes matte, glossy and semi-gloss types.

• It is completely washable
• has a lot of resistance
• It is easy to implement
• has a pungent smell
• dries slowly

Multicolor paint

Multi-color paint is a decorative and new construction paint. Multi-color is seen with several colors after execution; It means a background with streaks of different colors. The advantages of multicolor are as follows:

The variety of its design and color is very large and it has more than 40 trams.
This color can be used on different surfaces. Surfaces such as cement, concrete, plaster, etc.
It draws a thin layer on a different surface and makes the defects below it invisible.
It does not absorb dust and dust and therefore it is suitable for high traffic places and staircases.
Painting is very quick and easy and is done by spray.
It is highly washable and can be easily cleaned with water and regular detergents.
It is durable and can be easily repaired if a problem occurs.
Because it does not absorb moisture, it prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi.
It has a slight smell that disappears quickly.

patina paint

This type of paint is also one of the new types of decorative construction paints that are gaining more and more fans day by day. When painting with this type of paint, you will no longer be limited to factory designs and you can put a design on the walls according to your taste. The most popular effect of patina is aging. A process that gives different surfaces an old and antique look and brings a classic feeling to the modern space of today’s home. Patina color has many advantages, some of which are as follows:
1. This color has high durability and stability.
2. It gets dirty slowly.
3. It is completely washable.
4. Dust is easily removed from it.
5. It has a high ability to repair and stain.

What is the appropriate color for each space in the painting of the building?

As mentioned before, the first step in the painting process of the building is the responsibility of the employer. Choosing the right color and specialist is one of the most important stages of building painting work. In psychology, it has been proven that the effect of coloring a place on people’s mood is very high; Because everywhere in your home or workplace, you are surrounded by walls and every day, your eyes fall on these walls. As a result, the color used for each place has a great influence on your mood.
Colors are divided into two general categories, cold colors and warm colors. Cool colors are usually suitable for buildings with a lot of light, and warm colors are suitable for buildings with low light. In addition to the mentioned categories, light colors and dark colors also affect the environment. Light colors make the building look big and dark colors vice versa.
Kitchen and dining room: psychologists believe that you can use light blue for the kitchen or dining room; Because light blue color is an energetic color but at the same time relaxing. White and green colors are also suitable choices for the mentioned places.
• Bedroom: For bedrooms, considering that they are used for rest and relaxation, it is better to use darker colors. Dark colors in building painting give people a sense of security.
• Children’s room: If you have a child, you should pay maximum attention in choosing the color of the child’s room; For example, don’t use red color, because the nature of Ren

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