exterior house painters near me

exterior house painters

exterior house painters near me

exterior house painters near me

Kd building painting service company is a specialist in painting facades of buildings, including cement, stone and concrete. This company provides all building painting services with high quality and professionally. Our experts are very skilled in color recognition and recognize all the reliable brands and strong and weak materials and use the best material for painting the facade of your building. Kd company provides professional services for exterior painting by its experienced team with advanced tools and equipment. If you are looking for an exterior house painter near you, just contact us

Tips for painting the exterior of the building

The painting of the exterior of the building must be done with special sensitivity. This service includes successive steps that the person must go through all the steps in a professional manner in order to finally prepare for the proper painting work. Then, paint the entire surface with the appropriate tools. slow

The work of painting the building requires patience, any mistake in painting will make the facade of the building look bad, and as a result, it will take away the satisfaction from the customer.


Applicable surfaces for building painting

  1. The exterior parts of the building
  2. Cement buildings
  3. Concrete and plaster buildings
  4. Buildings that have old color

Weather conditions for building facade painting

The paint used for painting the facade of the building should be durable and stable against weather conditions such as rain, wind, temperature change in seasons, etc. It is necessary to know that ultraviolet rays strongly affect the color of the facade of the building and lead to their fading. As a result, you should choose a color that is compatible with the climate of your area. Nano colors are one of the best colors for painting the facade of the building, which has a high resistance to different weather conditions.


Characteristics of nano paint for painting the exterior of the building

Nano paint has the following features:

  • Insulation against moisture and therefore suitable for rainy areas such as the north of the country
  • Resistant to ultraviolet rays
  • Can be washed without losing the beauty of the color
  • Very high adhesion and therefore suitable for implementation on cement and concrete walls and…
  • Nano colors are resistant to heat and cold and as a result reduce energy consumption at home.

We recommend that you do not look for cheap paints to buy paint for painting the exterior of the building, because these paints are certainly of low quality and you will have to repaint the facade of the building in a short period of time. By doing this, you are actually paying the same price as a quality paint.


Facade painting with acrylic paint

Acrylic paints are the best option for painting the exterior of the building, and kd group’s suggestion is to definitely use acrylic paints to paint the facade.

Because acrylic paints fill the surfaces in the best possible way and the surfaces become completely uniform. The life of acrylic paints is longer than other paints. Also, because of the very high coverage, acrylic paints save a lot on the amount of paint used and reduce your costs compared to other paints.

If you use acrylic paint, the facade of your building will be completely insulated and sealed, preventing water from penetrating the facade of your building.

If acrylic paint is used, the cracking of the surfaces or the flaking of the facade surfaces is greatly reduced because these paints are plastic and insulating and do not crack easily.

Difference between interior and exterior paint

The difference between interior and exterior paint is the type of resin they use. Resin is an important component of paint because it makes the paint adhere to the surface. The needs of items that live indoors are different from items that live outdoors.
Interior colors are colors that are used in the interior of the building, in spaces such as rooms, corridors, offices, bathrooms and kitchens. The most basic feature of the colors used in the interior walls is that they have a good coverage, do not have substances harmful to human health, and have a beautiful appearance. Depending on the user’s needs, features such as dirt repellency, gloss and cleanability may also be among the things expected from the interior paint.
While interior paints were solvent-based in the past, today water-based (acrylic) products are used. Because this solvent emits many harmful gases for human health during and after its use. In water-based paints, since the carrier phase is water, the water inside evaporates while the paint dries, so it has no harmful effects on human health.
The exterior paint of the building is made to withstand very cold temperatures as well as rain and snow. It should also be more resistant to scratching, peeling and fading in direct sunlight. The resins used in exterior paints are softer and are designed to make the paint durable and strong enough to withstand whatever the outdoors exposes it to.
Exterior paints can also be water-based. In addition, acrylic paints, silicone and granular paints can also be among the options. Silicone paints have a dirt-repellent effect, and as a result, hold less dirt than acrylic paints.



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