paint for kids room

paint for kids room

paint for kids room

Humans are known to be visual individuals, especially kids. They are drawn towards colours, designs and patterns. Although personal taste and preferences change with age and time, colours have a great impact on children and can affect different emotions. Hence, kids room colours should be safe, soft, stimulating and gentle as their brains are developing.
There are hundreds of innovative ideas for children’s room available but you need to do thorough research, consider the child’s taste, compare different colours, and then finalize your children’s room interior design ideas.
if you’re trying to choose a color for a bedroom, it can be hard to know where to begin. Below are some ideas to help you start brainstorming.

Get your kid’s input

“If your child is old enough, consider letting them help select paint colors for their room, allowing them to express their own unique creativity!”


Test the color virtually

Explore the paint color online before making a decision.


Consider mood

Different colors can evoke different moods in your child. So when choosing a paint color, think about the type of emotional environment you want to create in their room.

Use A Beige-Gray Shade

When planning paint ideas for a kids’ room, choosing a timeless shade that can grow with them and the room is a great and practical option.

Pick Out Feature Furniture With Paint

Kids’ room paint ideas aren’t just for walls. If you’ve got a tired-looking item of furniture that you want to turn into a statement piece, get out your paintbrush. This method works particularly well in a child’s room, where you have more licence than usual to colour block in bold shades.


When using two colours next to each other, make sure you pick similar tones. This will create a balanced look that works like a dream. Add a third, accent shade, whether bold (to complement a pale scheme, as here) or soft (to take the edge of a bright scheme).


Who needs wallpaper when you can create your own designs with paint? This look can easily be recreated with four paint colours – choose them with your child to get them involved – and a roll of masking tape. Geometrics are also a big trend; their simple design will delight your kids – and they’re easy to achieve.


Calming and mellow, green, known for its relaxing properties, will create a nursery that feels restful.
Their paints are eco-friendly and have little or no smell, making them ideal for nurseries.

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