How to paint a wall with pattern roller

How to paint a wall with pattern roller

Painting the walls, ceiling or anything else in the house seems easy and it really is but when you decide to create a pattern things change and suddenly it becomes a more complex project. The difficulty depends on the type of pattern you wish to create and the surface that needs to be painted. We’ve gathered ten fantastic ideas for you to take a look at and get inspired.

The roller creates a natural frame on all sides; to avoid this, you could roll the pattern on wallpaper liner and paste it in place. But once we’d arranged a few of our favorite things, all we could see was our built-in’s lively new look.

Learn how to use patterned paint rollers in our guide below.

Steps for rolling on a painted pattern:

Step 1: Mark the design roller

To achieve wallpaper-like repeats, mark the roller with a + at any point and with a − halfway around. You’ll start the first row with the + up, the next with the − up. Insert both rollers in the frame; you should have a frictionless close fit.

Step 2: Load the paint

Fill the tray with latex paint in a semigloss finish. Remove the design roller and run the foam roller through the paint, covering it completely. Roll it once on paper to remove excess. Now mount the design roller and roll it on paper to make sure it’s right-side up.

Step 3: Put down the first row

Align the + on the design roller with the top left-hand corner and move from top to bottom, angling the roller at about 45 degrees.

Step 4: Make a second pass

Align the next row with the − on the design roller at the top. Draw the roller down, taking care to avoid a gap between the rows. After three rows, or when the paint begins to fade, repeat Step 2.


Benefits of paint with pattern roller

It’s easy to do yourself

Decorative painting with Rollerwall is easier than it looks. You don’t need artistic skill, and you can do it even if you can’t draw a straight line! Just begin in any corner of the room using the corner as your guide. Each pass becomes your guide for the next pass. Allow the passes to overlap slightly – this eliminates the appearance of seams – and watch the pattern unfold before your eyes almost like magic!

There’s no need for any measuring, plumb lines or chalk lines because with our Laser Pattern Alignment Guide, you can always keep the pattern perfectly straight. A strip of masking tape protects the ceiling, and a subtle and very distinctive half-inch border creates an attractive framed-in look. All parts are completely washable and re-usable.

You can apply a complete faux-wallpaper look in any room in just one hour.

It’s versatile

If you’ve ever looked through dozens of wallpaper books to find a pattern you like, only to discover that it isn’t available in the colors you want, then you’re ready for Rollerwall. It works with a wide variety of patterned paint rollers – each of these patterns can be applied using your choice of paint and colors, to easily match any existing decor. Patterns can even be overlapped to create a rich multi-design effect. The possibilities are endless!

Anyone who paints with an ordinary roller can create beautiful wallpaper patterns the very first time.

No experience is necessary!

A lifetime investment

This could be the smartest decorating investment you will ever make. Each patterned paint roller costs about the same as a single roll of wallpaper. But unlike wallpaper, our patterned paint rollers can be re-used with different color combinations as often as you like – they’ll never wear out. The money you save in doing your first room will more than pay for the entire investment.

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